18. southern california. anonymous.
drugs, nature walks, random adventures, &growing up.
im not who i appear to be.


weed is so perfect

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Your third eye acts as a way to see into the non-physical real that we are apart of and co-exist alongside of. Humans are points of consciousness, manifested into physical dimensions. All that we do, feel, think, dream of, envision, act on, etc. have ripples of energy attached. It’s up to you, how you use this knowledge. Om

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Free Hugs + Nugs
a night for the books.

bbq for the olympics opening ceremony.

made besties with voldka and tequila

walked the streets of orange drunkenly

didnt go to sleep till 4:41, and slept in a car.

hahaha. oh the memories we are making together.


Freak Out

last night

was so blissful, it felt so absolutely right. ive accomplished so much in the past few months, and yet something was missing until last night.

there is something so beautiful about this specific friendship that no one can understand. she is my soul mate, i need her in my life, as much as i try to fight it, she is the only person who understands me, and i almost lost her completely.

but last night, last night was the mending and the rebirth of a whole new friendship, one with the similar qualities but improved. its better. its richer.

its simply a dream come true.